Naxos Luxury Villas | Location
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Naxos Luxury Villas Location

Welcome to Naxos island, welcome to Greece

About Mikri Vigla in Naxos

Mikri Vigla is located on the South – West of Naxos island and less than 17 Km from Chora. The port and capital of Naxos, history and traditional Cycladic architecture come across with the wild beauty of the coastal landscape.

The cape of Mikri Vigla (small watch-tower) constitutes a rare geological phenomenon due to the unique cedar-tree forest, one of the few world-wide. Endued by nature and untouched by massive tourism, Mikri Vigla is famous for the golden sand that goes into the crystal-clear blue waters of Naxos.

On the South side of the cape lays the endless beach of “Sahara”, famous for its hundreds of meters of golden sand that continues over the next village of Kastraki. Sahara beach is ideal for swimming, relaxing and enjoying the pleasures of the Aegean Sea. On the other side of Mikri Vigla, we meet Orkos beach, also suitable for water-sports or swimming.